Corporate Finance

To create real growth you need to  find the right finance option. At Villand Capital we provide innovative services at competitive prices. We always strive to provide better conditions and create more client value than our competitors.

Our corporate finance strategy is tailor-made for your company, both private, public and publicly listed. We recognize that all companies are different and have different strategies to ensure profitability. Whether it's securing the next round of funding, getting ready for an IPO, or looking at acquisition options, we will offer a distinct solution for your company.


    An IPO is the first offer of a company's shares to the public and the listing of the shares on a stock exchange. A public share issuance allows a company to raise capital from public investors by creating newly issued shares or selling existing ones.

    While raising capital tends to be the primary reason for an IPO, there are a plethora of other options for utilising an IPO as a strategic option including seeking opportunities for growth, value creation or an exit strategy. A variety of situations and motivations can result in preliminary IPO discussions.

    Private Placement

    Our process is designed to minimize the impact on your company whilst ensuring the best possible outcome. We do this by matching your funding requirements with the most appropriate source of capital from our diverse network of potential investors, which includes both private and institutional networks of investors.

    Public Share Offerings

    Our experienced team helps companies raise funds. We help you explore the numerous options open to you in terms of raising funds, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each method. We offer an extended network of investors.

    Valuation & Opinions

    Villand Capital understand value drivers and the process of creating value. We provide clients with guidance and advice throughout the process. Our full range of services includes valuation, due diligence, fairness and solvency opinions.


    Villand Capital offers an in-house-marketing service and a strategy consultancy, specializing in corporate finance. We can provide marketing services throughout the EU.